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Taking some newborn clothing inventory

For the past two days we have been working on switching rooms - moving the second bedroom a.k.a. craft room a.k.a. computer room into Elliott's old and tiny bedroom and making the bigger room Elliott's with room to spare for his baby brother. It was nice to get a jump on setting up baby room, even though we have 4 months to go give or take. Even though we haven't set up the nursery part yet, it feels like a kids room :)

In the process of moving stuff I set aside the box of smallest Elliott clothes. Tonight I had some downtime and decided to take a count of what we have for our little baby monster. Here is the report--

12-20ish receiving blankets
2 pair of baby shoes (cute but not necessary)
10 pairs of baby mittens
6 teeny newborn socks (E's feet were pretty much too long from birth to wear them)
19 baby socks
29 bibs (most are stained and yucky looking but whatever)
13+ burp cloths (I lost count)
24 baby hats
8 baby gowns
2 sleep sacks
Swaddle Me receiving blanket type thingy (works alright..)
38 onesies
3 newborn tees
4 pairs of pants
3 dressy clothes type outfits
16 jumpers/footie pajamas

I think we're going to be pretty set.