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Cloth diapering

I haven't busted out with my old stash yet to take inventory but I'm pretty sure I have a few things to get us by at first (with the exception of buying bum genius and a few accessories :)

What I have (will need to edit this later!):
6 kissaluvs - size unknown
2 bummis whisper wraps (frogs/space baby) to cover the kissaluvs - size unknown
1 wonderoo pocket diaper with insert - one size fits all
4-5 bumkins covers - various sizes

What I need:
bum genius 3.0 12 pack variety - one size fits all - $203.40 @ TM plus free pair of bg babylegs!
flushable liners - 200 roll - 11.99$ @ TM
bum genius diaper sprayer - $44.95 @ TM
bum genius diaper doubler - 3 pack - 6.00$ @ TM
bum genius bottom cleaner? - 9.95$ @ TM (rather home make this if ok to use oils on diapers)
bum genius odor remover - 5.95$ @ TM
12 pack prefolds - Gerber brand is 12.00$ @ Walmart
Laundry detergent without enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils
Possibly a clothesline to air dry?

What I need but will make:
24-48 8x8 Cloth wipes (from fabric scraps)*
Zippered wet bag for travel**
Zippered wet bag for home**
Recycle old huggies wipe container for wipes

*Notes on cloth wipes:
Recommended fabrics are: old tee shirts, 100% cotton flannel, organic bamboo velour, velour, terrycloth, bamboo terry,

**Notes on wet bags:
Use PUL for inside liner and cotton fabric for outer - will be washable!
Add loop handle on larger bags
Small: 8"x9" - for wipes or one diaper
Medium: 12"x14" - for 5-7 diapers
Large: 16"x20" - for 12-18 diapers
XLarge: 16"x26" - for 20+ diapers