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List of things I need to buy, whee!

I'm just comparing what we have to the "essentials" baby checklist on Babies R Us website. So far here is what I'm thinking I need/really want:

1) New pack and play/bassinet for early sleeper and travel in the first few months :D Preferrably the Graco Bedroom Bassinet in Gramercy which is being discontinued, d'oh! Hopefully we can save some monies up before it goes away completely :\

2) Might need more pack and play sheets, not sure if the old ones will fit, and not sure what was with the old pack and play when it got stolen. Probably a waterproof sheet set for it too.

3) Only *if* I have breastfeeding issues again I will buy a Medela Pump in style (or rent it) and I'll need those accessories.

4) More bibs I'm pretty sure*

5) More Dr. Brown's bottles

6) Another pacifer pack?

7) Bottle brush

8) Food processor and make your own baby food books :)

9) Pretty sure we need a new baby tub

10) Bath toy organizer

11) Probably an extra set of bath towels for baby

12) Might need extra bubble baths or first aid stuffs, plus newborn tylenol.

13) Either a crib mattress and waterproof pad for it OR getting Elliott a twin bed and taking his mattress off the toddler bed and putting it back into the crib!

14) Something extra for storage/organizing the extra stuff to go in Elliott's/Bellybean's room :)

15) A baby book

16) Cloth Diapering items!!
Bum Genius 3.0 - I'd like at least 24 but 12-18 to start would be fantastic!
12-24 cotton prefolds
Covers for the Kissaluvs AIOs - maybe Gerber plastic pant 4 pack?
Hanging wet bag
Diaper rinser/sprayer
Cloth wipes
Wipe solution in a spray bottle
An old wipes container made by Huggies or Pampers to store them :)
Travel wet bag?
Flushable liners
Detergent for diapers
Clothesline set up? The more earth friendly the better we say!

*Need to go through Elliott's old clothes and see exactly how many of what we have available. Thats a project for another day.