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3 weeks of updates...and some Mommy fail

Hello little bean, or should I say little SON :D

The ultrasound was on May 12th, I was 18w1d. You measured perfect, approximately 9 ounces and by the ultrasound's machine you measured at 18w4d so we kept the due date the same. Still coming on October 12th? I sort of wish you'll arrive on October 8th so you, your big brother, and your daddy will all have birthdays on the 8th of the month :) Well, the ultrasound tech at the Women's health center was the coolest tech I've ever met. He explained everything he was measuring and was not afraid to tell us(Elliott and your Daddy were there too!) results and he put you on 3D and gave us a disc of your pictures. When it came time to guess if you were a boy or girl I couldn't tell because your umbilical cord was pretty close to your defining parts, but BOY OH BOY, you are a little man! We were told to bring our photo disc back for the 26 week appointment because we'll get to see you again and get more photos of you!!

We're very happy to have another little son. We have lots of things for you that belonged to your big brother, and Elliott is happy to give you toys and clothes to help you grow. Elliott talks to my belly every day and was able to feel you kick for the first time last Friday May 29th :)That same day I discovered that I could see my belly twitch when you kick me. Your Daddy tries to feel your kicks but every time you stop moving when Daddy puts his hand on my stomach. I think it's hilarious, and I wonder if you are going to give him a hard time when you arrive, hehe.

We haven't come up with your name yet. I already know what I want to name you but I have to have the discussion with your dad first. Your cousin Orson's baby shower is on the 20th of this month. He's due to arrive around July 24th. I think you two will have loads of fun together. I'm very excited about your Tatie's baby shower and now I want to start registering for stuff for you. The next lj entry will be a little list I need to compile of things we'll need for you.

I'm 21w1d today. Had a fair share of round ligament pain today but way less lower back pain. My back was killing me on Sunday and Monday(yesterday) but last night I started prenatal yoga and I feel loads better today. I think maybe I'm not used to the yoga so thats why the RLP really kicked in.