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Ultrasound day is tomorrow!

Dear Belly-bean,

I'm sorry I haven't been updating this journal very often. Your mom loves you so much, but she has been busy with your big brother, going to college, and trying to stay rested and healthy. So far, you and I are doing very well!

The first great thing is that 2 weeks ago (at 16w1d) I gave some blood for the AFP test and it came out negative! Which means that you are very unlikely to have any neural tube defects or down syndromes that are caught by the test. With your big brother, I got a false positive and we were very worried until we went to see the genetic specialists and saw everything was fine. Also, we didn't have to give up our set ultrasound date to see you on the 12th (tomorrow, yay!).

I figured out something silly about you! You like to kick and punch and body slam me in the evenings and specifically when I sit with the laptop on my lap. I wonder if it gets too warm for you, or if you just are an evening kind of person. You love to bounce around between 6-9p.m. :D

I think my body is done being sick. It turns out the HG only hits on odd numbered weeks. The time I went to the ER I was 9 weeks. I got sick really bad again at 11, 13, and 15 weeks. I got a major headache the weekend of my 16th week but did not throw up once. I haven't taken Zofran since my 15th week and today I am 18 weeks. I think we are going to feel good good and great from here on out!

I first felt you move on April 15th! You only made little bubbles for about 2 weeks before you began with the kicking :D I love love love feeling you wigglin' around, you can make any moment of my day brighter just by giving me a good kick! You've been a regular mover and kicker since my spa day on May 7th - you began to really bounce about during the pedicure. I hope that meant you were enjoying the day of relaxing as much as I was.

My stomach is getting huge, and it seemed to really swell on Mother's day (yesterday). I think I was just beyond full of love for you and your brother Elliott and thats why i got so big overnight :)

I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I will do my best to keep writing in this journal for you. My time should be getting freed up very soon, and the next big project for us will be to move Elliott into the big bedroom so the two of you can share it, and move our craft/miscellaneous stuff to Elliott's old tiny bedroom. Now that we'll know if you're a boy or a girl we can start making your part of the bedroom customized (don't worry we don't go over-the-top with pink or blue!). I can't wait to start coming up with names for you too! Once we see you, we'll be able to get a better idea of who you are and what sort of name will suit you (please forgive my silliness because you'll probably end up with a Beatles' middle name like your brother - named for John Lennon).

So here is the list of people who are guessing if you are a little boy or girl(6 to 5 as of now):

Christine (the gal who did my facial the other day - she said based on my hormone acne breakout that you are a boy, silly huh?)
Dan (Zoe's hubby)

Grandpa (my dad)
Richard (your tonton)
Corine (your tatie)

My little tiny love, I must be going now. It is almost time for us to go to sleep. I don't sleep very well because I'm getting big and sleep gets less comfy, and i share a bed with your dad and Elliott a lot of the time. Plus, our two kitties like to sleep in between my legs and at my feet! It's going to be one big bed full of love once you arrive! Hopefully you'll like your bassinet/crib because you will have more room in it next to me rather than in bed with the whole gang!

I love you so much! I am so excited to see you tomorrow!