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11 week update

Dear (belly)Bean,
I just wanted to tell you about the other little ones in our family aside from your big brother Elliott. Right now Midas & Calliope, the kittens, are chasing a fly around the house. They've been at it for over 2 hours straight, and they just won't stop until they catch the fly. They will both be a little over a year old when you are born, and they are going to love you so much! They like to snuggle with Elliott when he's asleep, and they like to snuggle with me when I'm on my laptop at night, writing to you (tonight is the exception). They also snuggle your Daddy a lot when he watches tv on the sofa or when he first goes to bed. Calliope likes to make happies with her feet, kneading my belly. I think she's trying to snuggle you too! We are all very happy to have you in our life.



I decided to read the pregnancy lj for Elliott and found this post from 10w6d. Funny enough, in the first paragraph is mention of my current situation. Belly poppin! My pants don't fit so well right now :) I'm using a hair band to jimmy rig my pants so they'll button. I feel like I'm showing more sooner this time though, my belly bulge is very obvious to me. I should take a belly pic but I keep forgetting. Plus, I'm still feeling l-a-z-y.

I took a 3 hour nap today. Woke up to the smell of cooked ground beef - it was NOT PRETTY. Thinking about the yucky smell is making me feel sick as I type :P

My food diary idea fails, or at least my follow up does. I'm going to keep trying, but not today. I ate a ton of junk today. My constipation is a lot better today. I have laid off the milk consumption a lot more in the last two days, and I see a difference. It so sucks because that is what I crave but oh well. Speaking of, here are some of my top favorite things to nom on lately:

1. Juice - Capri Sun was doing the trick but not very healthy. OJ or Cranberry FTW!
2. Milk a la nesquik or instant breakfast or in milkshake form :D
3. Hard candies or mints. Right now I currently have 7 kinds of hard candy thingies in my purse - Altoids sours Tangerine and Raspberry, Newman's Organic Ginger mints and wintergreen mints, Ice Breakers Pomegranate Lemon-Aid mints, Cherry/Passionfruit Tic Tacs, and some Starlight mints XD
4. Whole Fruit bars - preferrably the tangerine and raspberry popsicles!
5. Gatorade - Lemon Lime flavor

Food not so much, but fruit pops and drinks are teh awesome stomach loving things :D

I'm worried about getting hemmorhoids (sp?) from my 20+ minute bathroom trips. Not fun. Tomorrow's grocery shop should be a good chance to buy fiber filled stuff to help balance me out.

I did some research on cloth diapers today, I really am leaning towards Bum Genius. Thanksmama.com has a great package deal on them, 12 for like 200$ I think I'd get those and some prefolds for my covers I have from Elliott and be set to only do laundry every other day :) Well, I need the hanging diaper bag hamper, wipes, liners, spray, and probably a travel wetbag :) But still, those are all the little things. Worse comes to worse, I can use plastic grocery bags for my travel wetbags until I buy one. I don't want to use disposie wipes this time around but I will if I have to. Haven't figured out how "green" I'm going yet :)