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Dear bellybean,

I found out today that your big cousin is going to be a boy :) Tatie and Tonton are thrilled they are having a healthy babe. I started thinking, since I first became pregnant my instinct is that you are going to be a boy. It felt right because I think your daddy's genes are boy prone and that we have so many boy things that wee once your big brother Elliott's to hand down that it would be quite convenient to have a boy. Today I began mulling over girl names and have decided that maybe you will be a girl instead. Either way, I am so happy you are coming into our lives. I want you to be happy and healthy, and have a wonderful life. So far my dad (your Grandpa) and my friend Liv guess you will be a girl. No one else has ventured a guess yet. We still have about 8 or more weeks until we'll get to see you and find out if you'll let us know what your gender is :)

Today I tried to eat healthy for you but I was feeling a bit under the weather. I am tired from last night's lack of sleep (went to bed at 2 a.m., silly mommy!) and I have a slight headache and a weird feeling in my side. I had to take a half pill of Zofran today, but it worked! Sometime tonight I moved weird and got a side stitch and now I feel like I get a little (not very painful, just uncomfortable burn/pinch) sideache every so often. I don't think I injured myself seriously, maybe I pulled or tweaked something. Since last night I have been noticing more high frequency/pitch noises, and I think specifically in my left ear. Weird, huh? I feel fine though, don't you worry.

I had a raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and glass of dark coco instant breakfast this a.m.

I had a broccoli slaw salad (slaw with apples, raisins, and peanuts with a mayo dressing) 2 glasses of cranberry juice and a bottle of water at lunchtime

Dinner was silly. I had a cup of garlic pasta shells, everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, bottle of water with a focus crystal light. I am not really feeling the eating thing tonight.

And I'm super sleepy. I need to get my rest before a big spanish exam tomorrow. Mommy is trying to work hard in school to get a degree someday so she can take care of you and Elliott with a good paying career job in the future. I want you two to have the best life possible and the options to go to college or travel or do other things that I have not been able to afford to do easily/ever.

I love you, sweet dreams and sleep tight. I am so excited to feel you grow and move and kick and punch. My belly is happy to have you as it's roomie :) xoxo