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Food Diary(fail) & prenatal appt #2 & other Bellybean things

I totally meant to keep better track of what I've been eating but ugh I fail at blog posting :P I think I need to go back to Sunday, and here it is Wednesday night. Methinks this will be a short and not very detailed post of teh foods.

Blueberry muffin breakfast

Tri Tip (probably 4-6 ounces worth)
Asian salad (1-2 cups worth)
Mixed veggies (edamame, carrots, broccoli, water chestnuts)
Garlic bread (2 slices)
80% of a bottle of sparkling apple mango cider :D

Dinner was at 3 so thats all I remember eating...oh aside from about 25% of a box of G.S. cookies - the Trefoils (shortbread)

I forget. Forget. for-get.
Had shrimp wonton soup, foster farms orange chicken (about 1 c. worth) from frozen section, about 1.5 c. of fried rice. A crap ton of Samoa cookies. I <3 Girl Scout Cookies

Half an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese
A ton of capri suns probably :P
A cheese stuffed soft pretzel
Dinner was a Corned Beef (with Kerrygold Swiss on Garlic Sourdough) sandwich, about 4 small red potatoes skillet style, and about 5 stalks of asparagus.
Finished with a TON of those pillsbury sugar cookies with Shamrocks on them.

Instant breakfast chocolate malt
One boston creme pie toaster strudel
Water w/ crystal light (pom lemonade = yum)
Cheese stuffed soft pretzel
Capri sun
4 cookies (shamrock ones from last night)
Orange chicken (about 1.5 c.)
6 potstickers with pork in 'em
shrimp wonton soup (yeah, i like it a lot)
bottle of water
2 capri suns
one shamrock cookie
big ass bowl of cherry moosetrack ice cream (think like 1.5-2 c. worth)

I need to up my fiber intake methinks. I don't remember being so constipated with Elliott in my first trimester. Now that I'm not throwing up, I'm spending a ton of time in the bathroom trying to poop. Oy!

Yesterday was my 10 week prenatal checkup. I weighed in at 161 (which was great 6lbs up from the ER visit!) almost back to my initial weight. NOt that I want to weight that much this early...
Got to hear bellybean's heartbeat. It was a strong 170! :D ASked Sally about food stuff, birthing tub stuff and I have to say I just love having a midwife this time around. She is so laid back :D There are only two stipulations to being able to have my dream water birth - I gotta be low risk and at least 37 weeks along when I go into labor, woot! Sally goes in for deliveries so she'll most likely be delivering my baby! She is totally cool if I want to get my hair done or eat lunchmeat. Another interesting thing is that they didn't take a pee sample at the apppointment or mention one for the next appt. At Kaiser I had to bring my pee cup every visit. I also learned I could go to the women's health center if I ever need an iv again. And I can cut my Zofran in half and take 4mg and it should be just as effective, therefore making my scrip last much much longer.

I have been Zofran free since Monday. Sally says I should be leaving the morning sickness behind soon, but with E I was well into my second tri before it stopped :P Well, I feel good. I'm just freaking tired.

My uterus is up at my underwear line. I actually can feel the top of it easy, I confirmed with Sally that is what I was feeling, and not some other squished organs.

Mostly it was just a wonderful day yesterday, because the strong heartbeat just made me feel fabulous, because aside from the fatigue and nausea I just haven't felt much like I was preggo. Once that belly pops and the baby flutters start I won't be able to say that, which I can't wait for. I'm like < 2 weeks away from the second trimester!

And weird and sort of new, I was a little out of breath walking to class this a.m. I know I got out of breath a lot as I got bigger, but don't recall it much when I was in the 1st tri. Either way, I could just be ridiculously out of shape...which is likely the case :(


The secret

They way I keep track is to check to see if I'm hungry. If I'm not, I ate too much.