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Jun. 8th, 2009

Taking some newborn clothing inventory

For the past two days we have been working on switching rooms - moving the second bedroom a.k.a. craft room a.k.a. computer room into Elliott's old and tiny bedroom and making the bigger room Elliott's with room to spare for his baby brother. It was nice to get a jump on setting up baby room, even though we have 4 months to go give or take. Even though we haven't set up the nursery part yet, it feels like a kids room :)

In the process of moving stuff I set aside the box of smallest Elliott clothes. Tonight I had some downtime and decided to take a count of what we have for our little baby monster. Here is the report--

12-20ish receiving blankets
2 pair of baby shoes (cute but not necessary)
10 pairs of baby mittens
6 teeny newborn socks (E's feet were pretty much too long from birth to wear them)
19 baby socks
29 bibs (most are stained and yucky looking but whatever)
13+ burp cloths (I lost count)
24 baby hats
8 baby gowns
2 sleep sacks
Swaddle Me receiving blanket type thingy (works alright..)
38 onesies
3 newborn tees
4 pairs of pants
3 dressy clothes type outfits
16 jumpers/footie pajamas

I think we're going to be pretty set.

Jun. 6th, 2009

Cloth diapering

I haven't busted out with my old stash yet to take inventory but I'm pretty sure I have a few things to get us by at first (with the exception of buying bum genius and a few accessories :)

What I have (will need to edit this later!):
6 kissaluvs - size unknown
2 bummis whisper wraps (frogs/space baby) to cover the kissaluvs - size unknown
1 wonderoo pocket diaper with insert - one size fits all
4-5 bumkins covers - various sizes

What I need:
bum genius 3.0 12 pack variety - one size fits all - $203.40 @ TM plus free pair of bg babylegs!
flushable liners - 200 roll - 11.99$ @ TM
bum genius diaper sprayer - $44.95 @ TM
bum genius diaper doubler - 3 pack - 6.00$ @ TM
bum genius bottom cleaner? - 9.95$ @ TM (rather home make this if ok to use oils on diapers)
bum genius odor remover - 5.95$ @ TM
12 pack prefolds - Gerber brand is 12.00$ @ Walmart
Laundry detergent without enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils
Possibly a clothesline to air dry?

What I need but will make:
24-48 8x8 Cloth wipes (from fabric scraps)*
Zippered wet bag for travel**
Zippered wet bag for home**
Recycle old huggies wipe container for wipes

*Notes on cloth wipes:
Recommended fabrics are: old tee shirts, 100% cotton flannel, organic bamboo velour, velour, terrycloth, bamboo terry,

**Notes on wet bags:
Use PUL for inside liner and cotton fabric for outer - will be washable!
Add loop handle on larger bags
Small: 8"x9" - for wipes or one diaper
Medium: 12"x14" - for 5-7 diapers
Large: 16"x20" - for 12-18 diapers
XLarge: 16"x26" - for 20+ diapers

Jun. 3rd, 2009

List of things I need to buy, whee!

I'm just comparing what we have to the "essentials" baby checklist on Babies R Us website. So far here is what I'm thinking I need/really want:

1) New pack and play/bassinet for early sleeper and travel in the first few months :D Preferrably the Graco Bedroom Bassinet in Gramercy which is being discontinued, d'oh! Hopefully we can save some monies up before it goes away completely :\

2) Might need more pack and play sheets, not sure if the old ones will fit, and not sure what was with the old pack and play when it got stolen. Probably a waterproof sheet set for it too.

3) Only *if* I have breastfeeding issues again I will buy a Medela Pump in style (or rent it) and I'll need those accessories.

4) More bibs I'm pretty sure*

5) More Dr. Brown's bottles

6) Another pacifer pack?

7) Bottle brush

8) Food processor and make your own baby food books :)

9) Pretty sure we need a new baby tub

10) Bath toy organizer

11) Probably an extra set of bath towels for baby

12) Might need extra bubble baths or first aid stuffs, plus newborn tylenol.

13) Either a crib mattress and waterproof pad for it OR getting Elliott a twin bed and taking his mattress off the toddler bed and putting it back into the crib!

14) Something extra for storage/organizing the extra stuff to go in Elliott's/Bellybean's room :)

15) A baby book

16) Cloth Diapering items!!
Bum Genius 3.0 - I'd like at least 24 but 12-18 to start would be fantastic!
12-24 cotton prefolds
Covers for the Kissaluvs AIOs - maybe Gerber plastic pant 4 pack?
Hanging wet bag
Diaper rinser/sprayer
Cloth wipes
Wipe solution in a spray bottle
An old wipes container made by Huggies or Pampers to store them :)
Travel wet bag?
Flushable liners
Detergent for diapers
Clothesline set up? The more earth friendly the better we say!

*Need to go through Elliott's old clothes and see exactly how many of what we have available. Thats a project for another day.

Jun. 2nd, 2009

3 weeks of updates...and some Mommy fail

Hello little bean, or should I say little SON :D

The ultrasound was on May 12th, I was 18w1d. You measured perfect, approximately 9 ounces and by the ultrasound's machine you measured at 18w4d so we kept the due date the same. Still coming on October 12th? I sort of wish you'll arrive on October 8th so you, your big brother, and your daddy will all have birthdays on the 8th of the month :) Well, the ultrasound tech at the Women's health center was the coolest tech I've ever met. He explained everything he was measuring and was not afraid to tell us(Elliott and your Daddy were there too!) results and he put you on 3D and gave us a disc of your pictures. When it came time to guess if you were a boy or girl I couldn't tell because your umbilical cord was pretty close to your defining parts, but BOY OH BOY, you are a little man! We were told to bring our photo disc back for the 26 week appointment because we'll get to see you again and get more photos of you!!

We're very happy to have another little son. We have lots of things for you that belonged to your big brother, and Elliott is happy to give you toys and clothes to help you grow. Elliott talks to my belly every day and was able to feel you kick for the first time last Friday May 29th :)That same day I discovered that I could see my belly twitch when you kick me. Your Daddy tries to feel your kicks but every time you stop moving when Daddy puts his hand on my stomach. I think it's hilarious, and I wonder if you are going to give him a hard time when you arrive, hehe.

We haven't come up with your name yet. I already know what I want to name you but I have to have the discussion with your dad first. Your cousin Orson's baby shower is on the 20th of this month. He's due to arrive around July 24th. I think you two will have loads of fun together. I'm very excited about your Tatie's baby shower and now I want to start registering for stuff for you. The next lj entry will be a little list I need to compile of things we'll need for you.

I'm 21w1d today. Had a fair share of round ligament pain today but way less lower back pain. My back was killing me on Sunday and Monday(yesterday) but last night I started prenatal yoga and I feel loads better today. I think maybe I'm not used to the yoga so thats why the RLP really kicked in.

May. 11th, 2009

Ultrasound day is tomorrow!

Dear Belly-bean,

I'm sorry I haven't been updating this journal very often. Your mom loves you so much, but she has been busy with your big brother, going to college, and trying to stay rested and healthy. So far, you and I are doing very well!

The first great thing is that 2 weeks ago (at 16w1d) I gave some blood for the AFP test and it came out negative! Which means that you are very unlikely to have any neural tube defects or down syndromes that are caught by the test. With your big brother, I got a false positive and we were very worried until we went to see the genetic specialists and saw everything was fine. Also, we didn't have to give up our set ultrasound date to see you on the 12th (tomorrow, yay!).

I figured out something silly about you! You like to kick and punch and body slam me in the evenings and specifically when I sit with the laptop on my lap. I wonder if it gets too warm for you, or if you just are an evening kind of person. You love to bounce around between 6-9p.m. :D

I think my body is done being sick. It turns out the HG only hits on odd numbered weeks. The time I went to the ER I was 9 weeks. I got sick really bad again at 11, 13, and 15 weeks. I got a major headache the weekend of my 16th week but did not throw up once. I haven't taken Zofran since my 15th week and today I am 18 weeks. I think we are going to feel good good and great from here on out!

I first felt you move on April 15th! You only made little bubbles for about 2 weeks before you began with the kicking :D I love love love feeling you wigglin' around, you can make any moment of my day brighter just by giving me a good kick! You've been a regular mover and kicker since my spa day on May 7th - you began to really bounce about during the pedicure. I hope that meant you were enjoying the day of relaxing as much as I was.

My stomach is getting huge, and it seemed to really swell on Mother's day (yesterday). I think I was just beyond full of love for you and your brother Elliott and thats why i got so big overnight :)

I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I will do my best to keep writing in this journal for you. My time should be getting freed up very soon, and the next big project for us will be to move Elliott into the big bedroom so the two of you can share it, and move our craft/miscellaneous stuff to Elliott's old tiny bedroom. Now that we'll know if you're a boy or a girl we can start making your part of the bedroom customized (don't worry we don't go over-the-top with pink or blue!). I can't wait to start coming up with names for you too! Once we see you, we'll be able to get a better idea of who you are and what sort of name will suit you (please forgive my silliness because you'll probably end up with a Beatles' middle name like your brother - named for John Lennon).

So here is the list of people who are guessing if you are a little boy or girl(6 to 5 as of now):

Christine (the gal who did my facial the other day - she said based on my hormone acne breakout that you are a boy, silly huh?)
Dan (Zoe's hubby)

Grandpa (my dad)
Richard (your tonton)
Corine (your tatie)

My little tiny love, I must be going now. It is almost time for us to go to sleep. I don't sleep very well because I'm getting big and sleep gets less comfy, and i share a bed with your dad and Elliott a lot of the time. Plus, our two kitties like to sleep in between my legs and at my feet! It's going to be one big bed full of love once you arrive! Hopefully you'll like your bassinet/crib because you will have more room in it next to me rather than in bed with the whole gang!

I love you so much! I am so excited to see you tomorrow!


Mar. 23rd, 2009

11 week update

Dear (belly)Bean,
I just wanted to tell you about the other little ones in our family aside from your big brother Elliott. Right now Midas & Calliope, the kittens, are chasing a fly around the house. They've been at it for over 2 hours straight, and they just won't stop until they catch the fly. They will both be a little over a year old when you are born, and they are going to love you so much! They like to snuggle with Elliott when he's asleep, and they like to snuggle with me when I'm on my laptop at night, writing to you (tonight is the exception). They also snuggle your Daddy a lot when he watches tv on the sofa or when he first goes to bed. Calliope likes to make happies with her feet, kneading my belly. I think she's trying to snuggle you too! We are all very happy to have you in our life.



I decided to read the pregnancy lj for Elliott and found this post from 10w6d. Funny enough, in the first paragraph is mention of my current situation. Belly poppin! My pants don't fit so well right now :) I'm using a hair band to jimmy rig my pants so they'll button. I feel like I'm showing more sooner this time though, my belly bulge is very obvious to me. I should take a belly pic but I keep forgetting. Plus, I'm still feeling l-a-z-y.

I took a 3 hour nap today. Woke up to the smell of cooked ground beef - it was NOT PRETTY. Thinking about the yucky smell is making me feel sick as I type :P

My food diary idea fails, or at least my follow up does. I'm going to keep trying, but not today. I ate a ton of junk today. My constipation is a lot better today. I have laid off the milk consumption a lot more in the last two days, and I see a difference. It so sucks because that is what I crave but oh well. Speaking of, here are some of my top favorite things to nom on lately:

1. Juice - Capri Sun was doing the trick but not very healthy. OJ or Cranberry FTW!
2. Milk a la nesquik or instant breakfast or in milkshake form :D
3. Hard candies or mints. Right now I currently have 7 kinds of hard candy thingies in my purse - Altoids sours Tangerine and Raspberry, Newman's Organic Ginger mints and wintergreen mints, Ice Breakers Pomegranate Lemon-Aid mints, Cherry/Passionfruit Tic Tacs, and some Starlight mints XD
4. Whole Fruit bars - preferrably the tangerine and raspberry popsicles!
5. Gatorade - Lemon Lime flavor

Food not so much, but fruit pops and drinks are teh awesome stomach loving things :D

I'm worried about getting hemmorhoids (sp?) from my 20+ minute bathroom trips. Not fun. Tomorrow's grocery shop should be a good chance to buy fiber filled stuff to help balance me out.

I did some research on cloth diapers today, I really am leaning towards Bum Genius. Thanksmama.com has a great package deal on them, 12 for like 200$ I think I'd get those and some prefolds for my covers I have from Elliott and be set to only do laundry every other day :) Well, I need the hanging diaper bag hamper, wipes, liners, spray, and probably a travel wetbag :) But still, those are all the little things. Worse comes to worse, I can use plastic grocery bags for my travel wetbags until I buy one. I don't want to use disposie wipes this time around but I will if I have to. Haven't figured out how "green" I'm going yet :)

Mar. 20th, 2009

Dear bellybean,

I found out today that your big cousin is going to be a boy :) Tatie and Tonton are thrilled they are having a healthy babe. I started thinking, since I first became pregnant my instinct is that you are going to be a boy. It felt right because I think your daddy's genes are boy prone and that we have so many boy things that wee once your big brother Elliott's to hand down that it would be quite convenient to have a boy. Today I began mulling over girl names and have decided that maybe you will be a girl instead. Either way, I am so happy you are coming into our lives. I want you to be happy and healthy, and have a wonderful life. So far my dad (your Grandpa) and my friend Liv guess you will be a girl. No one else has ventured a guess yet. We still have about 8 or more weeks until we'll get to see you and find out if you'll let us know what your gender is :)

Today I tried to eat healthy for you but I was feeling a bit under the weather. I am tired from last night's lack of sleep (went to bed at 2 a.m., silly mommy!) and I have a slight headache and a weird feeling in my side. I had to take a half pill of Zofran today, but it worked! Sometime tonight I moved weird and got a side stitch and now I feel like I get a little (not very painful, just uncomfortable burn/pinch) sideache every so often. I don't think I injured myself seriously, maybe I pulled or tweaked something. Since last night I have been noticing more high frequency/pitch noises, and I think specifically in my left ear. Weird, huh? I feel fine though, don't you worry.

I had a raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and glass of dark coco instant breakfast this a.m.

I had a broccoli slaw salad (slaw with apples, raisins, and peanuts with a mayo dressing) 2 glasses of cranberry juice and a bottle of water at lunchtime

Dinner was silly. I had a cup of garlic pasta shells, everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, bottle of water with a focus crystal light. I am not really feeling the eating thing tonight.

And I'm super sleepy. I need to get my rest before a big spanish exam tomorrow. Mommy is trying to work hard in school to get a degree someday so she can take care of you and Elliott with a good paying career job in the future. I want you two to have the best life possible and the options to go to college or travel or do other things that I have not been able to afford to do easily/ever.

I love you, sweet dreams and sleep tight. I am so excited to feel you grow and move and kick and punch. My belly is happy to have you as it's roomie :) xoxo

Mar. 18th, 2009

Food Diary(fail) & prenatal appt #2 & other Bellybean things

I totally meant to keep better track of what I've been eating but ugh I fail at blog posting :P I think I need to go back to Sunday, and here it is Wednesday night. Methinks this will be a short and not very detailed post of teh foods.

Blueberry muffin breakfast

Tri Tip (probably 4-6 ounces worth)
Asian salad (1-2 cups worth)
Mixed veggies (edamame, carrots, broccoli, water chestnuts)
Garlic bread (2 slices)
80% of a bottle of sparkling apple mango cider :D

Dinner was at 3 so thats all I remember eating...oh aside from about 25% of a box of G.S. cookies - the Trefoils (shortbread)

I forget. Forget. for-get.
Had shrimp wonton soup, foster farms orange chicken (about 1 c. worth) from frozen section, about 1.5 c. of fried rice. A crap ton of Samoa cookies. I <3 Girl Scout Cookies

Half an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese
A ton of capri suns probably :P
A cheese stuffed soft pretzel
Dinner was a Corned Beef (with Kerrygold Swiss on Garlic Sourdough) sandwich, about 4 small red potatoes skillet style, and about 5 stalks of asparagus.
Finished with a TON of those pillsbury sugar cookies with Shamrocks on them.

Instant breakfast chocolate malt
One boston creme pie toaster strudel
Water w/ crystal light (pom lemonade = yum)
Cheese stuffed soft pretzel
Capri sun
4 cookies (shamrock ones from last night)
Orange chicken (about 1.5 c.)
6 potstickers with pork in 'em
shrimp wonton soup (yeah, i like it a lot)
bottle of water
2 capri suns
one shamrock cookie
big ass bowl of cherry moosetrack ice cream (think like 1.5-2 c. worth)

I need to up my fiber intake methinks. I don't remember being so constipated with Elliott in my first trimester. Now that I'm not throwing up, I'm spending a ton of time in the bathroom trying to poop. Oy!

Yesterday was my 10 week prenatal checkup. I weighed in at 161 (which was great 6lbs up from the ER visit!) almost back to my initial weight. NOt that I want to weight that much this early...
Got to hear bellybean's heartbeat. It was a strong 170! :D ASked Sally about food stuff, birthing tub stuff and I have to say I just love having a midwife this time around. She is so laid back :D There are only two stipulations to being able to have my dream water birth - I gotta be low risk and at least 37 weeks along when I go into labor, woot! Sally goes in for deliveries so she'll most likely be delivering my baby! She is totally cool if I want to get my hair done or eat lunchmeat. Another interesting thing is that they didn't take a pee sample at the apppointment or mention one for the next appt. At Kaiser I had to bring my pee cup every visit. I also learned I could go to the women's health center if I ever need an iv again. And I can cut my Zofran in half and take 4mg and it should be just as effective, therefore making my scrip last much much longer.

I have been Zofran free since Monday. Sally says I should be leaving the morning sickness behind soon, but with E I was well into my second tri before it stopped :P Well, I feel good. I'm just freaking tired.

My uterus is up at my underwear line. I actually can feel the top of it easy, I confirmed with Sally that is what I was feeling, and not some other squished organs.

Mostly it was just a wonderful day yesterday, because the strong heartbeat just made me feel fabulous, because aside from the fatigue and nausea I just haven't felt much like I was preggo. Once that belly pops and the baby flutters start I won't be able to say that, which I can't wait for. I'm like < 2 weeks away from the second trimester!

And weird and sort of new, I was a little out of breath walking to class this a.m. I know I got out of breath a lot as I got bigger, but don't recall it much when I was in the 1st tri. Either way, I could just be ridiculously out of shape...which is likely the case :(

Mar. 14th, 2009

Some random thoughts

I spent a great deal of time looking at inspiration for nurseries and kid's rooms last night in my attempt to figure out how to merge Elliott and little bean into one room. Zoe & Dan had a good suggestion to tie in the Spongebob/undersea theme that Elliott has with the John Lennon musical animals stuff I had from Elliott's nursery - Yellow Submarine. Which actually got me thinking of doing this huge mosaic of sorts of various sized framed art of the Beatles and somehow tie it to undersea stuff. The art/photos would be in frames anywhere from 5x7 to something big like 11x13 and they'd all be spaced apart one to two inches kind of scattered like a comet's tail taking up the upper half of one wall. Anyhoo, still working that out in my brain, but I like the idea of merging two worlds, like a tiny image of the sub with a tiny spongebob riding on it. Actually, it really makes me want to take images from the opening credits of the 3rd Futurama movie "Bender's Game" because they did yellow submarine right :D Plus, it's Futurama, Meatbags!

Today I started thinking it might be fun and maybe even a good idea to track my food daily to get an idea of how much crap or goodness I'm consuming. I'm wondering if I can keep up with a daily food journal entry to see how I'm really doing. For example I'd just say:

What I ate today:

Bowl (serving size) of frosted shredded wheat cereal with whole milk
Bowl of shrimp wonton soup (from Safeway's frozen section, it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!)
Blueberry muffin from Safeway's bakery (mmm I missed those sugar sprinkled suckers!)
2 Capri suns
A small sourdough bread loaf filled with half a container of Safeway's clam chowder
2 Hiball glasses of cranberry juice (and I'm thinking of chugging a third right now)

Can you tell I went to Safeway today? Hahaha. They had a great deal on juice so we went and picked up a few things to get us by until Tuesday.

The above would not be possible if it weren't for Zofran. That shit is incredible! I could tell today would have been craptastically filled with morning sickness but in the end I just had a tiny bit of nausea. The Zofran took away the gross feeling and the throwing up part, and left me mostly feeling functional. I am soooo tired today. Blegh. So the pills take the edge off, if not more. I have to take them every day so far but I made it until about 10 a.m. before taking one today, so that feels like an improvement (two hours awake without needing to nix the morn. sickness).

I really need icons for this lj. And new ones for my main journal. And to blog on the blog, hah. I'm off to bed now to sleep in it all by myself because our camping out plans got thwarted so Daniel and Elliott are camping out on the floor of his room, and there is a) no room for a second adult in there and b)I don't want to sleep on the floor! So hopefully tonight I'll get some awesome sleep :)

Mar. 13th, 2009

Drugs are good mmmkay

Zofran in my friend. Nary a sign of nausea or vomit since Wednesday morning, hallelujah!

However, Wednesday & Thursday nights and this afternoon I have suffered TERRIBLE intestinal crampage, and last night I had horrible horrible issues with my poopage. I don't know what is worse, the constant constipation with pregnancy or when the opposite strikes and I have to literally hang out in the bathroom all night so I can get to the toilet in time. UGH.

A few contrasting things between my pregnancy with Elliott and baby bean:

With Elliott (my peanut) I could smell cigarette smoke from several hundred yards away and every time I smelled it I would gag or puke a little, with bean I can't tell how improved my sense of smell is yet and cigarette smoke is unpleasant but hardly makes me sick.

With Elliott morning sickness started later in the first trimester and went into mid second tri, with bean it started with nausea at 6 weeks-ish and puking at 7weeks-ish. I have no idea if it will stop sooner. I HOPE SO!

I feel ridiculously more tired with this pregnancy. Maybe because I am going to school full time (until today, I'm now only half time because I dropped anatomy) and I hang out with a toddler all day long. It feels like all I do is go to school and sleepzzzzzzzzz...

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